House cleaning in Singapore Scope

Job scopes of part time cleaners for your house – Continuation

This is a continuation from this article

We will be going through the other types of cleaning: 

  • Deep cleaning 
  • Post renovation cleaning
  • Moving out cleaning 
  • Chemical cleaning

If you are looking for a cleaning company, you can view this list of cleaning companies in Singapore.

This hiring cleaning company guide will help you in choosing a good cleaning company. 

Types of cleaning

Deep cleaning

Estimated, deep cleaning costs about $30 to $55 per hour, depending on the scope of cleaning. 

Deep cleaning may also mean the following cleaning services: 

  • End of Tenancy or Handover Cleaning
  • Pre-Move In Cleaning or post-move out cleaning
  • Post Renovation Cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning in preparation for festive seasons or special occasions
  • Chemical cleaning

Most of the time, deep cleaning is a one-off thing and good cleaning companies will arrange a free site visitation to view your house before quoting you. 

The site inspection will most of the time be free. Some companies do charge a visitation fee that is waived off if you engage them afterwards.

Post renovation cleaning

post renovation cleaning

Once renovation has ended, most of your contractors will arrange a general cleaning to ensure that the house is in good condition when handing it over to you. However, certain things might not be cleaned up well by the contractors e.g. dust, water marks, dried cement and others. 

Sometimes, there may be this unpleasant smell that usually comes along with newly renovated houses. 

That is when you require a professional cleaning company to do another round of thorough cleaning. After a round of deep post renovation cleaning, you will receive a home that is extremely comfortable and welcoming to live in. 

Post renovation cleaning can cost from $30 to $55 and requires about 4-12 hours of cleaning. The price and number of hours depend on how dirty the house is after renovation.

Moving out cleaning

This is usually done before you move into a new house or when return the house to the landlord after the tenant period has ended.

Moving out cleaning tends not to have a lot of belongings lying around the house and very minimal to no furniture present. 

Moving out cleaning can cost from $35 to $45 and requires about 5-12 hours of cleaning. The price and number of hours really depend on the size of the house and the cleanliness.

Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning

This type of cleaning aims to disinfect homes by getting rid of germs and odors in the house. It mainly aims to create a safe home environment. 

Chemical cleaning is much more expensive than normal cleaning. Do make sure that you only purchase this service if you require an extremely deep cleaning for your home.

Do take note of the products used in the chemical cleaning process. You want the company to list down all the products used in the process. Get them to state down the ingredients they are using. Ensure that the chemicals are not hazardous and is safe for everyone in the house after use.

Do let them know any allergies you might have to any types and kinds of chemical

Some of the chemicals include: 

  • Ammonia
  • 2-Butoxyethanol
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Nonylphenol ethoxylates

Do take a look out for these kinds of chemicals.

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