Home cleaners in Singapore

Second Guide to part time house cleaners in Singapore

In the previous article, we discuss the types of part time cleaners in Singapore, the price of part time cleaners and the benefits of hiring a cleaning company. 

In this article, we will curate sources of cleaners/ cleaning companies where you can hire cleaners easily. 

Where to find cleaning companies

You can find cleaning companies through these sources. 

SGHomeNeeds: https://sghomeneeds.com/professionals/cleaning-services/part-time-cleaners

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/str/cleaning+companies/keywords_search

More sources can be found by simply Googling “cleaning services in Singapore”.

Things to take note of when hiring cleaning companies

This is a good guide for hiring cleaning companiesthat you can refer to. 


Read reviews online for cleaning companies. 

Ensure that the companies that you engage have some track records online. Check for their online portfolio. 

If they do not have all these online, ask from them directly. Speak to their past customers and ask for images of cleaning projects done previously.

Price and quality

Do not just shun away from high priced cleaning companies. There is a reason why they command a high price tag as compared to their competitors. 

Probably you should look out for these qualities: 

  • Quality of cleaning service 
  • Availability of cleaners at odd hours 
  • Availability of emergency cleaning services 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Insurance coverage for both your home and the cleaners
  • Equipment used (improve cleaning efficiency that may reduce the frequency of cleaning required and thus reduce the overall cost) 
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products

Where to find freelance part time cleaners

You can find freelancer cleaners through these sources. 

Gumtree: https://www.gumtree.sg/s-jobs/part+time+cleaner/v1c8q0p1

Carousell: https://sg.carousell.com/categories/home-car-services-1306/home-cleaning-1312/

Hardwarezone forum: https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/home-decor-furnishings-188/part-time-maid-recommendation-3344813-2.html

Singapore Motherhood forum: https://singaporemotherhood.com/forum/threads/looking-for-a-good-part-time-maid.3876/

Things to take note of when hiring freelancer cleaners

Nowadays, there are more and more Singaporeans hiring freelance cleaners.

Even so, you need to make sure you are hiring a good freelance cleaner for your home. Here are a few things to take note of.

1. Ask for testimonials

cleaning testimonials

Get the freelancer to provide testimonials from past customers. It will be best to hire a freelancer that your friends or family members have engaged before. 

You can also do a quick google search to see whether the freelancer has any reviews online or anyone that has received a bad service from the cleaner. 

Get her to connect you to a past customer and you can speak to her directly.

2. Check nationality of the cleaner

According to MOM, foreign domestic workers are not allowed to take on any part time work. 

If you are caught hiring any FDW for part time work, you may be fined up to $15000. 

3. Do a short cleaning trial

Before you commit long term cleaning with the freelance cleaner, arrange a short cleaning trial for maybe an hour or 2. This is a good way to ensure that you are satisfied with the cleaning and that she is the one you are looking for. 

4. Do up a short contract

cleaning contract

Write a contract to state the rules and regulations. Some things to include are: 

  • What is required in a cleaning service 
  • What happens if you cancel at the last minute
  • What happens if the cleaner bails out at the last minute
  • Who is liable for accidental breakage of house items
  • When must you notify the cleaner of a new cleaning session

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