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First Guide to part time house cleaners in Singapore

As Singaporeans get busier and Singapore becomes more cosmopolitan, there is a greater need to leave the everyday household chores to others. One alternative other than the common hiring of maids is getting a part time cleaner. 

This option is usually opted by households that aren’t comfortable having a stay-at-home maid. 

In this article, we will discuss whether getting a part time cleaner is worth it. 

Type of part time cleaners you can hire

They are 2 types of part type cleaners you can hire – Singaporeans/PRs or foreign workers. Foreign workers are to be assigned by a registered cleaning company. That is, you cannot hire a freelance foreign cleaning worker for your home.

You can find part time cleaning companies readily online in directories. 

If you hiring freelance cleaners, you should ensure that the cleaner is providing legal work and is legally registered. 

Price of part time cleaners

Part time cleaners that usually charge about $10 to $30 per hour for home cleaning. For a 5 room HDB flat, it will last about 4h for a regular frequent clean. 

The cost of cleaning will be affected by: 

  • Whether you are hiring a freelance cleaner or a cleaning company
  • The area of your house
  • How much things are in your house
  • Complexity of cleaning 
  • Type of cleaning (post renovation cleaning, regular cleaning, spring cleaning, move out cleaning)
  • Weekends or weekdays
  • Timing
  • Whether you provide cleaning supplies or not
  • How early you book for the cleaning session (emergency cleaning will usually cost more)

Benefits of hiring a cleaning company vs freelance cleaner

Definitely, hiring a freelance cleaner is much cheaper than engaging a cleaning company. However, you should take note of the benefits of getting registered cleaning company. 

Less stress

You do not need to source through many freelance cleaners to get to one suitable cleaner for your home. You can leave the sourcing of a suitable cleaner to the company. The company will ensure that the cleaner is responsible, well trained to do your cleaning job and will provide you with a fuss free experience. 

You may end with a lot of stress facing a freelance cleaner. You are liable for whatever happens in the house with the freelance cleaner. Sometimes, events of theft or negligence may occur, and you definitely do not want to be stressed over this. 

It will be best to leave this to a certified cleaning company. 

Readily available cleaners

The freelance cleaner will definitely not be available for your home the entire day and entire week. 

A lot of time will be wasted on scheduling the time to ensure that both parties are available that day and time. 

A good cleaning company will have available cleaners and staff to ensure that you are able to get cleaning services at your available time. Your time is precious so leave it to the company to arrange the ideal time for you. 

In the event when your freelance cleaner is sick, it will be difficult to find a replacement too. Save yourself from all these headaches. 


Freelancers definitely would not want to travel far for your job. Now, you are left a very small handful of freelancers to choose from – which is those staying near you. This makes your shortlisting of cleaners very limited. 

Cleaning companies will arrange the best fitted cleaner to come to your house and clean.

I will be uploading a second part to this article. Stay tune!

There are some tips for hiring cleaning company too here.

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